Through-body tile flooring: What does it mean?

Through-body tile flooring: What does it mean?

When you shop for floor tile, you’ll hear a lot of descriptive terms to define their characteristics. One of those terms is “through-body” tile.

Many homeowners are unaware of this term and have questions about it. Here are some facts about through-body tiles that could help you understand them better.

Defining through-body tile

In simple terms, a through-body tile is a porcelain tile in which the patterns and colors are consistent throughout the piece. That means if you break the tile, it will look the same, even in the center.

Not all floor tile pieces have this characteristic, so cracks and chips are much more visible when they happen. However, those same cracks or chips are hidden well with through-body details.

Other benefits of through-body tile

These tiles can be a great addition to high-traffic areas because they hide damages. That means even pet nails and child's play won't have a horrible effect on these products.

Many through-body tile options offer products you can use outdoors and in, creating a fantastic flow to patio areas. In addition, they sometimes provide frost, UV, and slip resistance, and our tile shop offers the perfect addition to various spaces.

As with all tile products, they work well in every room, and a few area rugs can add the softness and comfort you need. Take time to learn more about these materials when you visit us.

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