Aircraft & yacht flooring replacement


Aircraft & yacht flooring replacement with Flooring Express

Getting flooring replacement just right in aircraft and yachts is a matter of safety as well as aesthetics. Flooring Express provides custom flooring installations that highlight the custom-built interiors of yachts and private aircraft. Flooring Express has a team of designers, estimators and installers with years of experience in fitting out the demanding requirements of aircraft and yacht interiors. We combine the rigorous technical and functional conditions with bespoke details to meet regulatory, safety and design standards.

Aircraft flooring replacement

For aircraft, the flooring must meet Federal Aviation Agency Regulations under FAR 23.853 for passenger and crew compartment interiors. With that in mind, Flooring Express focuses on fulfilling your needs in terms of design, timeliness, and budget. Carpeting is a popular choice for aircraft. We offer carpeting made specifically for aircraft interior that excels in terms of:

  • Performance and wear
  • Static control
  • Premium optics
  • Designer patterns, textures, and colorways
  • Noise abatement
  • Lightweight

If you prefer wood flooring, we offer a custom wood product available in several exceptional wood veneers. This flooring works well in all areas of the passenger cabin without adding substantial weight to the aircraft.



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Yacht flooring replacement

Contemporary yachts meet the design standards of the finest residences. Flooring defines a yacht’s spaces. By using high-end materials in public rooms, staterooms. and bathrooms, the installations can be as simple or intricate as any on dry land. Popular materials include:

  • High-end carpet
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • LVT and vinyl planks

Flooring anchors the design of a yacht’s interiors, connecting and defining each space. Carpeting is a classic flooring for yachts. It provides a soft surface with known wearability. Carpet also dampens noises including the yacht’s motors. Hard surfaces are popular choices because of durability and high aesthetics. The hard surfaces are also easy to maintain to executive-suite level. Mosaics and laser-cut medallions elevate the interiors to the highest level of custom.

We offer floor covering products that are stain and water resistance and can meet your most demanding functionality as well as aesthetics.